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Affordable Emergency Dental Services

It is imperative to reach out to a diligent and dependable dentist in cases of dental emergencies.


If you are experiencing an excruciating toothache, or have been involved in an accident that has left your teeth broken, or should your teeth require any other urgent attention, Clareview Area Dental will provide emergency services to manage your dental problem, in a timely fashion.


In addition to offering the highest level of professional care, we are also committed to:

Following the current Alberta Dental Fee Guide
Extended evening and weekend hours
Accepting new patients
Accepting direct insurance billing

Our emergency services include:

dentist removing tooth

Tooth Removal

Tooth extraction is a dental emergency and the last resort in some cases to restore the health of other teeth that may occur due to conditions such as tooth decay, sensitivity, loose teeth, infected gum or in case of eruption of wisdom tooth. Our dentist suggests the right tooth removal treatment depending upon an individual’s teeth and gum health.

woman having tooth pain

Pain Management

Toothaches may disrupt routine daily activities. In cases when it becomes unbearable, then it is impossible to sleep or focus on anything. This excruciating pain is often observed during wisdom tooth eruption, accidents, gum diseases, cavity, or infection. Dental pain management is an area in dentistry that deals in the prescription of painkillers and offering the right care.

dentist performing root canal treatment

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment involves the removal of the infected tooth pulp, which is caused by severe tooth decay. The procedure is performed under the effect of local anesthesia. The process involves cleaning, filling, and sealing of the canal, which is followed by the preparation of a crown for additional protection. Pain while chewing, swollen gums, and intense sensitivity can be signs of the infected tooth pulp.

person lying on stretcher

Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) Assessment

In cases of motor vehicle accidents problems such as dislocated/broken jaw, broken teeth and bruised gums are reported. In such conditions, it is essential to provide immediate medical attention/assessment to figure out the best treatment to secure your teeth, stop bleeding, restore the jaw, and heal the gums. Any delay in treatment can lead to loss of teeth and irreversible damage to the jaw.

Family Dental Care Services

Address your family’s dental concerns through our range of services including oral examination, pediatric care, restorative services, dental surgery and more.

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