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Payments and Dental Insurance Policy Claims

Initial Visit

Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment and please bring:

Insurance cards
Photo ID
List of medications
X-rays, if taken at a different office

Cancelling Appointments

A 24-hour advanced cancellation notice is required to avoid charges.

Financial Information

As a courtesy to you, we may help you with insurance claim completion and submission.


Due to privacy reasons, most insurance companies no longer disclose clients’ coverage details to dental offices; therefore, your understanding of your insurance plan(s) is important to avoid unexpected payment.


Your co-payment portion, which is the amount not covered by your insurance plan(s), will be collected at each appointment when services are rendered.

dental insurance cover

Understanding Your Insurance Policies

To help our office with successful claim submission, you need to provide us with the following insurance information:

Insurance company name
Policy #, also known as “contract/group/policy #”
ID #, also known as “certificate #”
Plan member’s (employee’s) full name and date of birth
Insured patient’s date of birth

Each insurance plan is designed by the insurance company to suit your individual or group dental needs. There are four elements to determine insurance payments:

Dental procedure frequency limits (e.g. once every 9 months for teeth cleaning)
The percentage covered for certain procedures (e.g. 80%)
Annual maximum (e.g. $1000 per Benefit Year: July 1 – June 30)
Insurance fee schedule, which is often very confusing to dental offices and patients. An insurance fee schedule is a list of pre-determined fees set by an insurance company. One insurance company could have many different Pre-determined fee schedules (often differentiated by plan# and division#)

Having 100% coverage of one or multiple insurances does not guarantee 100% insurance payment depending on the insurance fee schedules and/or according to the order of multiple insurance plans applied. Therefore, having multiple insurance plans does not guarantee a $0 patient co-payment.


Please consult with your plan administrator for further details of your individual insurance coverage.

At Clareview Area Dental, we look after you while adhering to:

Following the current Alberta Dental Fee Guide
Extended evening and weekend hours
Accepting new patients
Accepting direct insurance billing

Keep Oral Problems at Bay!

For healthy gums and smiles that last a lifetime, visit Clareview Area Dental for regular oral examinations and teeth cleaning.

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