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Quality Dental Care for Your Family of All Ages

We often neglect oral hygiene and care from our daily regime, until there is a major issue that needs our attention! However, at Clareview Area Dental, Edmonton’s trusted general and family Dental Clinic, our goal is to help you maintain your oral hygiene on a regular basis to save the potential trouble of dental emergencies. Our services include a regular oral examination with x-rays to detect dental decay or abnormalities at an early stage. Dental care is for everyone and that is why our dental care services are inclusive of the whole family, regardless of age.


It is recommended that you should visit the dentist every six months beginning from a child's first birthday or after the appearance of the first tooth. Regular dental examinations will let the dentist monitor your child’s overall oral hygiene and teeth development. These check-ups can help the dentist detect tooth decay and monitor the growth and development, which may give rise to dental problems such as malocclusions. Dental conditions like malocclusions can cause inconvenience in eating and poor esthetics requiring orthodontic treatment.


Our general and family care services are an opportunity for you to interact with the dentist, and get a consultation on any dental concern that you may have. Clareview Area Dental is one of the trusted names in Edmonton for dental care. Contact us to schedule an appointment with Clareview Area Dental.

We are committed to:

Following the current Alberta Dental Fee Guide.
Extended evening and weekend hours.
Accepting new patients.
Accepting direct insurance billing.

Read on below for our general and family care dental services:

dentist doing oral examination of a kid

Oral Examination

An oral examination is conducted to analyze teeth and gum health. In addition to this, the evaluation also allows the dentist to analyze the presence of plaque, cavities, signs of gum disease, tooth/root decay, or any risk of arising dental problems. Regular oral examinations are highly essential as they can help in the early detection, diagnosis and treatment of dental problems.

Dentist examining oral health

Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer screening is an examination aimed at finding the signs and symptoms of mouth or throat cancer. According to the studies, consumption of alcohol, tobacco, and significant sun exposure are some factors that increase the risk of oral cancer. Diagnosis of precancerous conditions and symptoms at a nascent stage increases the possibility of less invasive treatment.

dental x-ray


Dental X-rays are done to examine the condition of teeth, roots, gums and jaw. Through X-rays, a dentist can locate the areas of decay between teeth, beneath fillings, the presence of a cyst, bone health, position of teeth and more. The images generated through X-rays help the dentist determine the accurate cause behind the dental problem and the right course of treatment.

woman getting teeth cleaned

Teeth Cleaning

Teeth cleaning is a thorough process that involves teeth and gum examination, which is followed by scaling (removal of plaque and tartar), polishing (restoring the natural shine of tooth enamel), flossing (cleaning of gaps between teeth), and fluoride treatment. Opting for dental cleanings comes with an opportunity to interact with the dentist about dental concerns and to keep a tab on your oral health.

Dentist treating girl child

Pediatric (Infant & Children) Care

Dental care for infants and teenagers is different from adults and needs special treatment and care. Most dental problems have an underlying cause related to lifestyle and childhood habits, which makes pediatric dental care highly essential for kids in the growing years. Pediatric care involves offering counselling on habits/nutrition and medical attention at the time of growth of baby teeth and permanent teeth, or during any other dental problem.

dentist doing pulpotomy


The tooth pulp is the innermost part of a tooth that comprises nerves, blood vessels and tissues. There can be various reasons that can lead to an exposed tooth pulp, which, if left untreated can give rise to bacterial infection and many other dental problems. A pulpotomy is a minimally invasive method used to treat this exposed tooth pulp and restore the affected tooth.

woman showing gum disease

Periodontal (Gum) Disease Evaluation & Management

Periodontal diseases are gum diseases that may occur due to poor oral hygiene and brushing, which can cause bleeding gums, pain while chewing or biting, swollen gums, sensitive teeth or receding gums. The early stage of gum inflammation in such cases is called Gingivitis, whereas the most advanced stage is known as Periodontitis. Gum diseases can be treated with early detection.

a view of dental sealants


Dental sealants are a thin coating of a protective shield that protects the chewing surface of the premolar and molar teeth in children from cavities. The fundamental purpose behind the application of sealants is to eliminate the possibility of future tooth decay.

woman having dental sensitivity issue


Tooth sensitivity or dentinal hypersensitivity is a condition in which the underlying tissue, called dentin, is exposed due to receding gums and many other reasons. When the dentin comes in contact with cold or hot food, this may cause a painful sensation. Desensitization therapies comprise many methods through which tooth sensitivity can be controlled.

woman suffering from toothache


Temporomandibular disorders are related to jaw movement, and jaw joints that may be triggered by stress, tissue injury, or joint diseases. Such disorders may cause inconvenience while eating, talking, chewing, swallowing or during head movement. Delayed treatment for TMD can lead to headache, unbearable pain, locked jaw, muscle pain or joint sound. Dental splints, exercises, and surgery are some treatment options to cure TMD.

a view of sports mouthguard

Appliances (Night Guard/Sports Guard/Space Maintainer, etc.)

Nightguards, sports guards, and space maintainers are appliances that help people achieve specific dental objectives. The sports guard protects teeth from injuries/accidental hits by a ball on a match field, whereas the night guard puts a stop on your unconscious teeth grinding. A space maintainer is a stainless steel wire that is attached to a crown, which ensures ample space for a permanent tooth to erupt.

laser teeth whitening treatment

Laser Treatment

A wide range of dental issues such as tumour removal, teeth whitening, hypersensitivity, tooth decay, and gum diseases can be treated through laser treatment. Laser treatment for soft and hard tissues in the mouth is highly effective, accurate and comfortable, and this technique tends to heal faster and has fewer chances of developing an infection.

a view of removable dentures

Removable Dentures

Removable complete or partial dentures are a cost-effective way to replace missing teeth and restore the natural appearance of your face and the functioning of the mouth. These dentures are made of acrylic resin, which grants them the needed strength and makes them durable.

a view of implant dentures

Implant Dentures

Implanting dentures is a procedure that involves attaching the dentures to a bone in the jaw for a more stable and secure fit. It is observed that implant dentures offer better support in chewing, talking, biting, and feels more like natural teeth. If removable dentures fit poorly in your mouth or if they make you feel conscious all the time, you may wish to switch to implant dentures.

doctors doing dental surgery

Dental Surgery

Dental surgeries are performed in cases of wisdom teeth extraction, decay, dental injuries or dental implants. Surgeries are performed to cure a critical or worsened dental condition that requires immediate attention. They generally require the right pre-and-post surgery care for faster healing.

dentist performing root canal treatment

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is carried out in cases where the tooth pulp is inflamed, infected or injured. In this treatment, the canal is cleaned, disinfected and filled to restore a tooth from complete decay. Generally, a root canal treatment lasts a lifetime but your oral hygiene habits will determine the possibility of any dental problem recurring.

Wear Your Best Smile

With the help of cosmetic dentistry, we can highlight your smile and brighten your day!

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