Root Canal Treatment

There is nothing quite like oral pain – especially the kind of oral pain that indicates the necessity of a root canal. At Clareview Area Dental, we offer endodontic dentistry services, which concern dental pulp, the mass of blood vessels and nerves that can be found inside the hard layers of each tooth. Root canal treatments are among the most common endodontic procedures.

Dental Pulp Dangers

A root canal becomes necessary when dental pulp dies or becomes infected. In order to save the tooth, this pulp must be removed. Infected pulp is also present in an abscessed tooth, which can be the result of bacteria entering the tooth through deep cavities or cracks. An abscessed tooth, if the infected pulp is not removed, can result in serious oral health problems, not to mention pain and swelling.

If you are experiencing symptoms that suggest that you may have infected dental pulp, contact Clareview Area Dental today!

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